Do You Have What It Takes?

Do you have some spare time and enjoy meeting people? Do you enjoy history? Are you a fan of Midsomer Murders, the highly successful ITV series which has seen 128 episodes aired since it was launched in 1997?

If you’re interested in doing something a bit different that also raises money for worthy local causes, why not talk to us about becoming a Midsomer Walking Tour of Thame Tour Guide?

The tours, which have been running for over six years, take place weekly between April and October (and twice weekly between June and September), and are led by a team of knowledgeable guides, all volunteers. They have become enthusiastic experts on Midsomer Murders locations, the episodes, the actors, the bizarre methods of murder and much more. Thame is one of the most-filmed locations with 23 locations, sometimes appearing as Causton, sometimes as one of the many picturesque villages in Midsomer County (aka Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire).

Perhaps you’re interested in history? If so, there will be plenty to interest you – the tour takes in Thame’s history, from its ancient Neanderthal remains to the English Civil War and Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, taking us up to the present day – the Prebendal, a Midsomer filming location, was the home of the late Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

If you’re interested to learn more, why not get in touch with Tony Long, tour coordinator, to discuss what’s involved? You will be given full training, so, even if you know very little about Midsomer Murders, you’ll be given all the information you’ll need and a script you can refer to. And you can go out on one or more tours initially, shadowing one of our more experienced guides.

Most of all, you will enjoy meeting Midsomer fans of all kinds, from the local area, from around the UK, and from around the world (yes! Midsomer has a global fan base) who will hang on your every word as you take them on their walking tour of Thame! It’s a lot of fun, and our guides get a lot of satisfaction from doing the tours. Why not join them? Just email or call Tony Long on 07881 688895!

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