The Witches of Angel’s Rise

New Midsomer Episode Released on ITV!

We’re delighted to report that episode 6, The Witches of Angel’s Rise, the final episode of Series 22, will be shown on ITV on Sunday 27th August from 8-10 pm. In this episode, a body is found surrounded by ritual symbols on the eve of a psychic fayre, and Barnaby has to step into the spiritual world of mediums, psychics, and occult followers to find the killer. This episode was actually filmed in 2021, and although it has been available on streaming channels and via Apple TV, this is the first time it is being shown on mainstream UK TV.

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We are trying to find out when Series 23 will be released on UK TV – this too is currently available via streaming channels but not yet on ITV. Series 23 was partly filmed in the picturesque village of Haddenham, close to Thame, and Midsomer Tours have led bespoke tours that include Haddenham. One of these took place while filming was going on, and an American lady who was on the tour was over the moon to see Neil Dudgeon just a few yards away during a break in filming! She went over to meet him for a few moments and he was very approachable. We’re sure this is a moment she will treasure for years to come!

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